Thank You, and Goodnight

Christmas 2017 is now in the books and after two days of visiting with family from near and far, I’m now sitting back, putting my feet up, and sipping on a nice cup of mint tea. Or, I would be. That’s a good fantasy, isn’t it? But, sadly, it isn’t true. I have committed to a few things that are getting done today (note the gritted teeth and determination in that assertion!!), and the first thing on my list is this post in which I send you a huge THANK YOU!   Thank you for reading my posts. Thank you for your occasional comments and for letting me know you’ve been reading. Thank you for keeping in touch. As we move in to 2018, I’m undecided about the future of this site. It’s never been about the numbers for me. I don’t really care how much traffic the site draws … Continue reading...

Happiness for the Holidays

This December, I’m really working on two things: mindfulness and stress reduction. This follows on the heels of a Whole30 we did in October, which increases awareness of how everything you eat makes you feel physically, and a recent flare-up in my chest that has impacted my breathing and at times hasn’t been all that fun. So, for me, mindfulness and stress reduction has meant the following: Mindfulness: Paying attention and maintaining awareness of how everything I ingest — food, media, conversations, emotions — makes me feel and adjusting my mindset and/or actions accordingly. Stress reduction: Taking steps to slow down, breathe more deeply, and take more time to digest everything without feeling rushed, pressured, anxious, or otherwise overwhelmed. So it was a great pleasure to watch the latest Powerfullyou video posted on Facebook a week or so ago. Patrice, as usual, has an uncanny way of hitting the mark … Continue reading...


There is something about going from having one pet to having two, something hard, something that makes you question your sanity and your decision-making skills. Since Moose passed in May, Luna’s life had become pretty quiet. Despite regular walks and outdoor adventures, she spent most of her time sleeping or curling up in her chair, gazing longingly out the window. Interpreting Luna’s malaise and apparent boredom as a cry for canine companionship, we reached out to the local shelter. There, we were introduced to a young Australian shepherd/lab/something-else mix named Mocha. We knew Mocha had been at the shelter for three months. The shelter indicated that Mocha was not house-trained and had been living freely on a reservation for most of his life (read: wild and unsocialized), chasing cars and anything else – not exactly drawing in the potential adopters. However, it was immediately apparent that Mocha did have some … Continue reading...

Ingredients for the Cake of Life

She hated when she walked into her kitchen looking for dinner and all she found there were ingredients.  How boring, she thought as she stood in front of the open refrigerator door, bathed in the glow from the GE bulb within. But, isn’t that what Life is? Life, she mused, was just a string of ingredients, components that made up a whole. Hopefully, she thought, the whole is something nice like a cake, not nasty and slimy like rotting okra. Speaking of, she reached into the fridge and pulled out a jar of pickled okra that had been there since – mmmm, I’ll check the date, just for fun, she thought – 1999. She tossed it into the trash, too afraid of the smell that would assault her if she opened the lid to eject the contents into the organic waste bin. Yeah, definitely don’t want a life resembling rotting … Continue reading...

Two Weeks in Photos

A couple of weeks ago, I committed to a “Whole 30” with my friend, Patrice. Two weeks have passed and, while I cannot say I’m enamored with the somewhat arbitrary program rules, I can say that there’s definitely something going on here. Something good for my health. I feel more energetic, I wake up feeling rested, I have zero cravings for sugar or, well, anything, and I am losing weight (yes, I broke the rule about not weighing…and I’m not sorry!). Because a picture is worth a thousand words, I thought I’d share my journey to date in pictures. So, we’re halfway done and the benefits are apparent.  I’m already looking forward to next month and continuing the journey, albeit not on the Whole 30 plan, which is not intended for the long-term (and not intended for non-meat eaters). I have learned in just two weeks that I feel better … Continue reading...


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