Ready for a Feast! Countdown to a Delicious Debut Novel

It’s not often that I sing the praises of books in this blog; so many other sites do that wonderfully enough. However, this is a special occasion.  In just under thirty days, on April 25, a debut novel written by my wonderful friend, Crystal King, hits the shelves and some of us are ecstatic about it. Some of us just have to share! Feast of Sorrow is set in ancient Rome in the noble house of Marcus Gavius Apicius, a ridiculously wealthy man whose ambition to become Caesar’s culinary advisor is matched only by his appetite for indulgence. He flaunts … Continue reading

Trying New Things: Putting the Shine Back on Winter

  Most of us start the year ready to tackle goals and do new things. By March, though, some of that shine has begun to wear off and, if you’re like me, you start longing for something to freshen things up, to polish up the motivation a little. Trying new things staves off boredom and research supports that surprising and challenging your brain with new information and tasks can help fight dementia. It also helps to distract you from the long, gray days of winter (if it happens to be March and there is still a foot of snow outside your window). For all of … Continue reading

The Sketch: Stirring the Sands of Time

The Sketch A friend of mine recently sent me a scan of a sketch I did of his grandmother in my early twenties. It blew my mind. With only the barest of memories tickling my brain, I could almost not believe it. I did that? My friend assures me: I did that. I don’t recall doing the sketch, but I remember the shading, how I struggled with it in places. OK, I conceded; I did that. Memories swirled. I recalled that I did like to sketch back then, back before talking wires and horseless carriages. I have in fact always felt … Continue reading

It’s All Good (Even When It’s Rotten)

It’s February. The sun is out. Dressed in shorts and sandals, children are playing in the park under the watchful gaze of parents who sun themselves on chaise lounges or towels placed on the grass. Bicyclists ring their bells as they pass walkers on the trail. An ice cream vendor hawks his delicious confections nearby. This is how I imagine it anyway, this February so far away. It’s all about perspective, you see, for this might be the picture in Sydney, Australia, but here, in the northern hemisphere, we’re up to our eyeballs in snow and ice. Our landscape is … Continue reading

Idaho: A Country Mouse Explains Why

  Wouldn’t the world be kinda dull if we all prized the same things? Well, for starters we’d probably die off as a species but, before that, I imagine we’d all be bored out of our minds. Say we all wanted to live in the city, so we made the world a massive metropolis and the only green space to be found was manicured by city park officials. Or, we all drove the same car, believed the same politics, had the same religious beliefs, and watched the same television shows. Nobody baked oatmeal cookies because everybody wanted chocolate chip and that’s what … Continue reading


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