August: Canada Trip Photos

Hello! Well, we made it over the border and back again and I have to say, I have a huge crush on Canada. I’ve always known it to be a gorgeous country with delightful people, but to experience it first hand was a treat, and it was kinda hard to come back to the States (i.e. post-vacation Reality) after such a relaxing, peaceful time. Without further ado, here’s a glimpse of our trip, in pictures…

Nelson, British Columbia

The orange bridge in Nelson, BC.

The orange bridge in Nelson, BC.

Mike's Place and Mike

Mike’s Place Pub. Where else would we eat our first night out?

Above Nelson

North to Revelstoke!

Revelstoke, British Columbia

The Revelstoke bears

The Revelstoke bears welcome visitors to downtown.

Coast Hillcrest

The Coast Hillcrest perched on the hills above Revelstoke.

Bear Caution

The only bear we saw on our trip was the one on this sign.

Hotel salamander

Apart from birds, the ONLY wildlife we saw on our whole trip was this guy  in the hotel lobby!

Above Revelstoke

View from hotel, overlooking the valley and the dairy farm that was originally on the site.

Road to Banff

One of many behemoths along the highway between Revelstoke and Banff.

Banff & Canmore, Alberta

The iconic Fairmont hotel in Banff.

The iconic Fairmont hotel in Banff. Nope, we didn’t stay there.

Coast Canmore Hotel.

Coast Canmore Hotel. Yep, we stayed here.

The view from our hotel room of the Three Sisters

The view from our hotel room of the Three Sisters, “Big, Middle, and Little.”

Canmore Walk

A gorgeous walk in beautiful Canmore.

Bow Falls

Bow Falls, Banff

Glacier on the road home

Glacier on the road home. Near Lake Louise.

Last Glacier Pic

The last pic before the camera went back into its bag and the long drive home began in earnest.

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7 Responses to August: Canada Trip Photos

  1. Sherry says:

    Gorgeous pictures,looks so open ,big,peaceful ,and fun,thanks for sharing !

  2. Shannon Schulte says:

    USPS is where you get passports momma hahahaha

  3. Gwen says:

    Amazing pics! Glad you had great weather for the trip. Too bad you didn’t see any moose along the highway around Banff. Oh well, you get to see deer closer to home.

    • Leanna Widgren says:

      The signs we saw kept promising big horn sheep but we saw not a one! I’ll have to satisfy myself with regular sheep in the field up the road!

  4. Melinda Widgren says:

    What a great trip you guys had! Thank you for sharing it with us. ( since we don’t seem to know how to get passports!)