Beautiful Girl

This week in 2014, I wrote a love letter.

Dear Misty,

It has been one year since you left us, and the hole in my life is still as gaping and wide as it was on December 9, 2013, the hardest day, the day we said goodbye.

Your body had started to fail. You could not breathe very well, constantly panting and wheezing with every breath. Your back legs would not cooperate and I suspect you fell down the stairs more than once, never (thank god) breaking any bones, but even the thought of it breaking my heart. I wanted to build you a ramp or get a little chair lift for you but I know you would’ve been too proud to use it. On our walks, Moose and I were always happy to walk slowly, you trudging doggedly along, in more pain than you let on. You stopped more frequently to rest and sniff more grass and flowers than ever. Toward the end, you even caught a mouse on one of our treks through the field. Misty the Mighty Hunter. Eventually, you stopped walking with us. You couldn’t get your body to move like it used to. Still, you sat and watched the valley like a queen surveying her domain.

How can we go on living without you? The answer is, we do not. You are with us every day. We think about you all the time and embrace your spirit. We talk about you and remember those things you would’ve loved or hated.

Your photos on my desktop make me feel close to you, and I remember and miss so many things. I miss the toss of your head when I’d come home, you trotting out to greet me at the road. I miss putting my arms around you and hugging you. I miss our walks. Moose misses you, too. Oh sure, he absolutely loves being the sole beneficiary of all the treats, food, and attention, but I can tell he would be over the moon if you were to suddenly walk through the door. I would be, too.

Many things have changed since we said goodbye. We are thinking of rescuing another pup and giving it a home. We know you’d approve. But, know this, no matter how much things change, you are indelibly written in our lives and will never leave us. We all love you and miss you, Mist, and I’m so grateful for the great memories I have of you, such a beautiful, beautiful girl.

Our Beautiful Misty (RIP 12/9/13)

Our Beautiful Misty (RIP 12/9/13)


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6 Responses to Beautiful Girl

  1. Sherry says:

    Cried over this one . What a great dog,and sadly missed. We talk about bill,too,and miss him so.
    I hope you find a great rescue dog !

  2. Nancy L. says:

    Hi Leanna,
    I think I forgot to tell you I come over to read your posts sometimes. This time I had to respond…I think it’s also around a year that our friendship started. I realized last week that it was the anniversary of your sweet Misty’s departure and thought of saying something…but as always, when someone has lost a loved one…it’s not easy to know when or if to say something…hesitant to bring it to the forefront of your mind.

    I cried reading this tribute to your beloved fur baby. I cried for your loss…for Moose’s loss…and for my own loss 4 years ago, but still fresh in my mind, of my beloved fur baby. Sometimes we think if only I could have had one more hug, one more licked face…but it would never be enough.

    What a wonderful love Misty was to you. I’m thinking of you on this anniversary of loss and celebration of shared love.

    N, L&L

  3. Patrice says:

    Sending giant hugs to you and reminding Max, Trusty, and Porter to find Misty and have a delicious romp together. Until we snuggle with them again…


    • Leanna Widgren says:

      Funny, but I always think of Misty and my other love, Kita, together. I’m certain that all of their spirits live on – and I can’t wait to be reunited in the spirit world someday. 🙂 Thanks for the hugs and kind words!