The Canoe of Destiny

This week, we’ve been living in a smokey haze, feeling relief for ourselves and concern for our friends, loved ones, and their neighbors living in areas threatened by wildfires. Homes, even towns, have been consumed as crews battle  blazes devouring hundreds of thousands of acres.  As of this writing, there are currently 15 wildfires burning in Oregon and five in Washington. Not exactly summertime fun.

In our little nook of the world, the heat has been somewhat tempered by the veil of smoke that hangs over us, but it’s still plenty warm. Clouds and the haze have made it less tempting to go swimming in the river to cool off, but Mike and Scout did decide to get out The Canoe of Destiny (so called because one wrong move in this baby and you’ll be destined to find yourself in the water). As I write, they’re on an adventure.

Man, dog, boat. All that's missing is the water.

Man, dog, boat. All that’s missing is the water.

"I get to ride, right?! Right?!"

“I get to ride, too, right?! Right?!”

Pulling the canoe just a little further upstream before putting in.

Pulling the canoe just a little further upstream before putting in.

OK, maybe just a little further...

OK, maybe just a little further…

I really should wait to publish this post, in case there are some “after” pictures of drenched boys who discovered their destiny to “become one with the river.” I’m feeling too impatient for that, though. I guess that will give me something to write about next week.

Until then, readers, let me know how you like to cool off in the summer. Are you someone who would like to test The Canoe of Destiny, or do you prefer a different sort of adventure?


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