Gotcha, Luna!

February marks the anniversary of our first “Gotcha Day.” A term I’d never heard before, my friend Patrice introduced me to this catchy phrase known in adoption circles as the day a new member joins a family. Since learning the term, I’ve looked it up online and found that not everyone is enamored with this phrase. Many adoptees find it insensitive or cheeky, a demeaning minimization of their experience of loss. While I’m certain the phrase is not meant to be insensitive, I can see how one person’s joy expressed lightheartedly is another person’s stab at soft skin and wounds unhealed. That being said, the “Gotcha Day” I’m referring to involves getting a girl out of a cage.

Luna at PAS

Would you look at that smile?!

One year ago, we adopted Luna from the Panhandle Animal Shelter. This post, Courting Lunacy, describes the process and the initial, um, challenges we faced. Since that day – February 10 – we have all grown together and Luna’s role in our lives is more like a puzzle piece fit neatly into place. OK, so maybe she’s like one of these weird puzzle pieces, but she still fits somehow…

Mutant ghosts.

If Luna was a puzzle piece…

…perhaps because we are just weird enough to fit right along with her. Sure, Moose still barely tolerates her, she still needs a little (OK, a lot of) training, and she can be a stubborn little shit, but she has become my “sweet Luna C” and is really a good girl.

To everybody out there who has ever adopted or rescued someone and welcomed them into your hearts and homes, thank you! Happy “Gotcha Day” to Luna! We’re so glad she got us, and we’re pretty sure she’s glad, too.

Shhhhh.... A tired Husky is a good Husky.

Shhhhh…. A tired Husky is a good Husky.




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  1. Melinda G. Widgren says:

    I’m just sure everyone is OKAY with the love!