Hawk and Squirrel: A Short Fiction in Pictures

Hawk on Ground

The Mighty Hawk eyes its prey: a hopefully helpless and hapless squirrel…

Hawk Goes for It

“I’m going for it,” says the Mighty Hawk. “You’re mine, hopefully helpless squirrel! Look at how seriously I focus!”

Deer Perks

A nearby fawn lifts its head in curiosity.

Deer Scatters

Startled by the drama unfolding, the inevitable confrontation and violence, the deer scatters. “I’m outta here,” it says.


Squirrel is not helpless, nor particularly hapless. He is, in fact, DEMON SQUIRREL!
And Demon Squirrel says, “Nope.”

Hawk Moves Along

Mighty Hawk knows he is no match for Demon Squirrel and moves along.

"One of these days, Demon Squirrel," laments Mighty Hawk. "One of these days, we will meet again."

“One of these days, Demon Squirrel,” laments Mighty Hawk. “One of these days, we will meet again.”


Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. All names have been changed to protect the innocent. No wait, really it’s just that there are no such things as Demon Squirrels, only poor photographers). No hawks, squirrels or fawns were harmed in the capturing of this story. And, if you’re one of those people who really like facts, the truth is that the hawk never even saw this particular squirrel, as far as I know. He or she was, in fact, going after a particularly juicy field mouse at the time I snapped the photos (astute connoisseurs of fact will have picked up on this tidbit already since the hawk was in a field and the squirrel was in a tree). Anyway, for all I know, hawks don’t even eat squirrels.

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2 Responses to Hawk and Squirrel: A Short Fiction in Pictures

  1. Patrice Lefebvre says:

    I love how you write an entire disclaimer for your wonderful fiction piece! 🙂 Your integrity is so refreshing, Leanna.

    xox, P

    • Leanna Widgren says:

      Hah! Thanks! I feel so often like I need a disclaimer for everything I do, especially when I’m joking around. There are so many pedantic people that just love the phrase, “Well, actually…” (Haha)