Ingredients for the Cake of Life

I hate it when that happens!

She hated when she walked into her kitchen looking for dinner and all she found there were ingredients.  How boring, she thought as she stood in front of the open refrigerator door, bathed in the glow from the GE bulb within. But, isn’t that what Life is? Life, she mused, was just a string of ingredients, components that made up a whole. Hopefully, she thought, the whole is something nice like a cake, not nasty and slimy like rotting okra. Speaking of, she reached into the fridge and pulled out a jar of pickled okra that had been there since – mmmm, I’ll check the date, just for fun, she thought – 1999. She tossed it into the trash, too afraid of the smell that would assault her if she opened the lid to eject the contents into the organic waste bin. Yeah, definitely don’t want a life resembling rotting okra, she mused.

She thought about that metaphor: Life as a cake.

  • A little sweetness;
  • A touch of salty;
  • A splash of vanilla (because vanilla);
  • Something to bind it all together – like values, or family and friends;
  • A dash of something to give it lift – a hobby or a compliment;
  • Maybe some fun little add-ins like nuts or chocolate – or birthday parties and holidays;
  • And heat to bring it all together, to transform it from a mixture to a compound.

Yeesh, she thought, hearing that last part in the voice of her high school science teacher.  Life is definitely a mixture, she conceded, and yeah, it is the fire that you bring to it – the spark that makes life a LIFE. So, one point to you, Ms. McAdam.

She shivered from the coolness washing over her, but didn’t move, too entranced in her thoughts about life and cake. Work, children, family, home, city, friends, pets, hobbies. They were all just ingredients in the cake of life. And how do you make the best one, the best life? You do what you can with what you have and always try to use the best ingredients for the kind of cake you want to make.

Damn, she thought, still clutching the handle of the refrigerator door. Now I want cake.


**This post was inspired by a writing prompt, which was first inspired by the funny above, shared by my friend, Kim. (Thanks, Kim!)

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5 Responses to Ingredients for the Cake of Life

  1. Patrice says:

    🙂 Love the metaphor, and definitely — for the tastiest cake — follow the above recipe and skip the kimchi!

  2. Kim Thorpe says:

    Just say no to Kimchi!
    I want CAKE!?

  3. Melinda G. Widgren says:

    Haha. A struggle to be sure at times, but oh!, the yum!