Irritated August and a Season for Everything

Bear in area sign.

They might mean me.

I’ve been a little irritated lately. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been trying (and mostly succeeding with) a cutback on sugar and flours and therefore all joy in life is gone, leaving only irritation and annoyance for a hopefully brief but albeit excruciating period of withdrawal, or if it’s because I well and truly am just irritated and annoyed. But things are good! So why am I so irritated? Let us ponder…

1. I can see!! Always a good thing! However, as I put my cheater glasses on to write this, I am somewhat irked that my eyesight has tanked so markedly in the past year. When I first had Lasik done, my eyesight was remarkable. I could count the branches in the trees on the neighboring ridge. Now, wearing cheaters is more the rule than the exception and, without them, I can tell you only that “there are some trees over there…I think. Green things…” Grrr, Lasik!

2. My job is awesome! I love it! I was born to work from home. However, I have a satellite Internet connection and, wouldn’t you know it, Skype doesn’t play well with satellite Internet when it comes to screen sharing. And, of course, I depend on screen sharing as a huge chunk of my work responsibility. My boss half-jokingly suggested that I might have to move somewhere with better Internet. I’m inclined to agree, and annoyed that this seems to be the only option. I’m taking suggestions.

3. I live in a park-like setting, surrounded my nature. How idyllic it is to be situated in the elbow of a river as it winds its way through the valley, the banks, trails and old country roads just calling to be walked and explored. So great! However, this year has been the Year of the Predator and even our yard deer are skittish. Our adorable little ground squirrels? Gone. Between the three black bears, two cougars, and innumerable coyotes roaming around here (in broad daylight like furry hooligans), even walking down the county road has its perils. I used to feel safe out there; now I’m just irritated that I don’t.

4. As mentioned, I’m cutting back on sugar and flour. In itself, this is good because we all know the havoc that this stuff can wreak on one’s body (and I am walking evidence).  Soon I expect my body will be in recovery mode and I’ll be feeling great. However, I’d be lying if I said that losing absolutely no weight as a result of this hard work was only mildly irritating. It is *&^%$’ing ridiculously infuriating!  OK….breathe….phew….in with the good air…out with the bad….

I can hear some of you now. There will be those of you who say, “Oh, just eat some Cheetos and be happy again.” Others will chime in, “and good riddance to the ground squirrels…adorable, my foot.” To you I say, good day! For, as much as we with The Human Condition love to gripe and share our troubles, I know this irritation will pass; this annoyance is just a phase. Things always work out how we truly envision they will, no griping required. I see my vision improving – or my completely rocking the glasses look again – either way will be fine. I see my online meeting problem resolved satisfactorily. I see the wildlife around me in perfect balance, and perhaps me with a can of bear spray on my walks. I see the extra fluff eventually coming off. To everything there is a season.

So, fear not! Life is still good! You might just want to steer clear of me for a few days until I’m through this sugar-cutback withdrawal phase!

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2 Responses to Irritated August and a Season for Everything

  1. Patrice says:

    You, my dear, are not alone in your August crankies. It seems to be taking a bit more effort to move through this phase. I’ve been watching my summer list (and my waistline) grow rather than shrink, and know that these warm days, as filled as they are with rain and famished mosquitoes, are severely limited. Time to get a few projects checked off the list here.
    Sorry to hear the predators are restless in your neighbourhood. I know you will be aware and safe on your walks and runs. Bear spray sounds wise.
    Picturing you with adorable reading glasses (is there such a thing as a top-up with Lasik?), healthy and svelt, serenely working away with ease in your beautiful home.
    xox, P

  2. Leanna, I appreciate your openness. When I was recently at Sherrys, I felt incarcerated by the bears. I always count on roaming the landscape. Can you Skype by appointment at a library perhaps? Good luck w everything. Rae Ellen.