Little Wins & Blessings

Raise your hand if you’ve ever gotten a new computer and seriously – I mean seriously – questioned even bothering to reload 99% of the programs you had on your old computer. The headache promised with such an endeavor clearly gives me pause.

Do I really need Microsoft Office?  OK, as a writer, I probably do (grumble).

Scrivener, do I need to keep my novel in progress?! Do I REALLY?!

How about all that financial info on Quicken? Who needs it, right?!  OK, the organized, ducks-in-a-row side of me swings a heavy bat so, yeah, I guess I’ll put that on, too.

How about Fitbit? Would it kill me not to track my every waking breath and movement??  A-ha! Finally! One I can live without but, heck, I’ve come this far loading Office, Scrivener, and Quicken, I might as well load the Fitbit app, too. Dang it.

So, after I’ve mentally sorted out what programs get to come aboard my shiny new laptop, I begin and, let me tell you, I’ve never appreciated the little wins before like I do now. I’m talking about things like the “Program has been installed successfully!” message or the lack of the blue screen of death, or – even worse – that stupid, jerk-face “Password is not recognized” message when you know your password is correct.  These are the little wins keep me moving on to the next thing. My goal is to get my new computer configured before it dies and I need a new, new one. At this rate, it’s not looking good but I’m taking baby steps and celebrating the little wins along the way.

I think if we look closely, our worlds are full of little wins. I also think of them as blessings. My computer seamlessly transitioning from the old to the new is a little win that I definitely count as a blessing, the universe giving me a thumbs-up, if you will. Getting a new job at a company I admire, with colleagues I adore, is a big win. Reconnecting with old friends, and forging new friendships is a win. All of these things keep me going. As for blessings, I have too many to count but here are a couple of favorites…

Moose and Misty

Moose and Misty

Silly Snow-Bunny Luna



Scout and Mike at Mammoth Hot Springs

Sherry and Sam. Met in 1981 and still going strong!

My friend Crystal is not at all concerned that I look like I’m wearing a pink cow.

Though not pictured, always in my thoughts and thankfulness are my friends, family, writing group, colleagues, and surroundings. Having you all in my life is the biggest little win of all.

May your world be filled with little wins every day.





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2 Responses to Little Wins & Blessings

  1. Patrice says:

    Giant little wins, indeed!
    Here’s hoping that every program you want is installed and running perfectly. Xo

  2. Melinda G. Widgren says:

    Great article, L. Pink cow….hahaha!