Life at the Speed of Luna: the Next Adventure Begins

I’ve said it many times. Our dog, Luna, would drop me like yesterday’s chewy bone for anything with a hint of newness. She is always up for the next adventure. She’s always evolving as well, adapting to new challenges. For example, when she wanted out of her pen, she went under the gate. When we blocked off that exit, she exploited a hole in the fence. When we sealed that egress, she considered using the corner braces to climb over. Though she hasn’t yet done that (I caught her in the act and put the kibosh on it), I fully expect she’ll get there someday.

But as frustrating as it is sometimes to keep one step ahead of this adventure seeker, it’s also somewhat inspiring. It’s admirable to me that she does not give up and she doesn’t stop attempting expansion of her world. She’s not content to let the world pass her by. Her motto is: See all the things! Do all the things! Explore! Sniff everything! Love everyone!

Luna Running 2

Life at the speed of Luna!

And then sleep hard.

Luna Sleeping 2

Tuckered out after a long day of adventuring.

I like to channel Luna’s can-do spirit. When faced with challenges, I like to see if there’s a gate to go under or a brace I can climb. Is there a new way of doing things to achieve my goals or to expand my horizons, to grow as a person, writer, colleague, daughter, or friend?

I’m starting a new job this week with a team of professionals from whom I hope to learn and grow, and to whom I want to contribute real value (something more than my silly sense of humor and abundance of dog-related blog posts). I sought this opportunity not only in response to an ultimatum from my former employer (move to South Carolina or become an ex-employee) but also because I wanted to stretch beyond my current routine and go beyond the pen. I could have sought another job in manufacturing but I chose something different, something a little outside my comfort zone. I connected with a company focused on technology and improving people’s lives, interactions, and they way they work and play. I’m excited to take on this new challenge. Explore! Sniff everything! Love everyone!

And then I’ll sleep hard.

For this, I can – at least in part – thank Luna.


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