Photo Soup

Seemingly overnight, the weather here has turned from warm caresses of Summer gently tousling our hair to the icy breath of Winter blowing cooler than comfortable breezes up our skirts. Add to this freezing rain, frost, and blink-and-miss-them daylight hours and you have what I like to call, “soup weather.”

Event-wise, this week has been a lot like how I make soup. I look around at the ingredients I have – most times they are quite humble – throw them together, and enjoy.  For this week’s post, I thought I’d just share a little of this week’s photo soup.

My three birds enjoying the last rays of summer.

My three birds enjoying the last rays of summer.

Moose in front of stove.

Moose’s favorite place to lounge.

Candy Corn Dish Almost Empty

The last of the candy corn brightening up the counter. Next up, Christmas candy! (Nooooooo!)

Peace lily, fire, and Moose

The weather may have us snuggling up to the fire, but the peace lily is still in full bloom.

The stairway rail and light

Two more pieces of the barn puzzle put into place. The rail is from a tree taken from the homestead.

Moose With Ball

Just look at that concentration! That determination!

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7 Responses to Photo Soup

  1. Sherry says:

    Great photo soup . Reading anything you write is a wonderful winter interlude . Cozy by the fire and Leanna’s blog !

  2. Sherry says:

    Love it !

  3. Ginger says:

    So glad to finally find your mug online! To pass the cold snap, put on some ABBA, sashay around that cozy living room with Moose for awhile and spring will be here before you can croon Dancing Queen. Guess who??

  4. konrad anderson says:


    “comfortable breezes up our skirts”??-
    Ain’t no skirts in that new truck, that’s Carhartt Land!